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Civil Litigation

Kane & Crowell offers a broad range of civil litigation services in General Sessions, Circuit and Chancery Courts. Our attorneys represent both plaintiffs and defendants in settlement and trial. We provide practical legal counsel. Based on the circumstances of your case, we develop a strategy to produce the best possible results. We thoroughly consider the nature of the claim—reviewing many factors.

We then weigh for our clients the cost of civil litigation against the possibility of settling out of court. We advise you of the most practical option based on your unique circumstances. When litigation is indeed the best alternative, our attorneys are skilled litigators who present clear and concise arguments to the judge and/or jury.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact Kane & Crowell at (615) 784-4800.  With six full time attorneys and five paralegals and other support staff, there is always someone available to take the time to speak with you.