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Crisis Care Planning

Crisis Planning is for aging or disabled individuals who have immediate health and safety needs. This planning will focus on getting disabled individuals proper, appropriate, and affordable care.

Medical crisis events happen every day to healthy, unhealthy, young, and aging individuals. Particularly, if you or someone you love is an aging or disabled individual, you must plan for “what’s next”. When things such as falls, strokes, and other unexpected medical crisis events occur, it is important to have a proper crisis plan in place.

Proactive planning, for you or someone you love, makes dealing with these types of situations less stressful. In the event of a crisis, choosing a designated decision maker in advance will keep you from making a reactive choice. Above all, it is important to be proactive and prepare for a crucial medical and/or financial crisis.

Here is an example of why Crisis Care Planning is important:

Grandmother Sarah has been living by herself for years. One day Grandmother suffers a stroke and a fall resulting in a broken hip. Luckily, her daughter comes by each day to check on her. Therefore, her daughter found her soon after she suffered her stroke and fall. Because of this Grandmother Sarah was able to receive medical assistance as fast as possible.

A few days later, post surgery for her broken hip, Grandmother Sarah is dealing with post stroke symptoms and surgery recovery. The doctor states Grandmother Sarah should spend some time in a Long-Term Care Facility to receive rehabilitation services.

When Grandmother Sarah is moved to the Long-Term Care Facility, her family is asked to provide a copy of her Financial and Health Care Powers of Attorney. Unfortunately, Grandmother Sarah never executed these important documents. After her current medical crisis, she is not competent to sign any legal documents. The facility has a mountain of paperwork they need signed to admit Grandmother Sarah. However, no one has the legal ability to make decisions for her. Additionally, the Long-Term Care Facility wants to know how they will be paid. Unfortunately, Grandmother Sarah’s family knows nothing about her finances. The family has no current legal means to find out about her financial situation.


Contact us to have discussions with one of our Elder Law Attorneys so you can avoid situations like this. Proper estate and long-term care planning can allow you to control almost every aspect of a crisis situation. We can help you plan from a legal, financial, and care standpoint. Proper planning allows the focus to be on appropriate and affordable care during a crisis situation.

If you or someone you know is experiencing or has experienced a situation like this, let them know it’s never too late. Our attorneys are here to help put proper crisis planning in place. The earlier you plan the better off you will be, because a proactive plan is best.

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