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Elder Law with Kane & Crowell Attorney

Estate Planning

Leaving a legacy is very important for most people. However, most people don’t always know exactly what’s needed to make this happen. Often, simple estate planning may need to be updated as your life changes.

Estate planning includes much more than a Will. At Kane & Crowell, PLLC, we understand estate planning also means Durable Financial Powers of Attorney, Durable Health Care Powers of Attorney,  Advanced Directives (Living Wills), Wills, Irrevocable Trusts, and Revocable Trusts.

It’s a goal of Kane & Crowell, PLLC to ask the important questions you might not think of. By doing so, we look to help you: (1) name the correct person(s) to make financial and healthcare decisions when you are no longer able, (2) consider how you will manage digital assets, (3) decide who will provide for minor children, (4) prepare your estate for wealth transition after death, (5) insure your property goes to whom you expected, and  (6) protect your estate from creditors.

These things can be very complicated when you start considering everything that is involved. Because of this, Kane & Crowell, PLLC looks forward to helping you develop a proper estate plan or update your previous plan to achieve your goals. If you have questions, please contact Kane & Crowell, PLLC today at (615) 784-4800.