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Juvenile Court

Juvenile Court matters often involve Dependent & Neglect matters involving children. Sometimes these matters are brought forward by the Children’s Services (DCS) or privately when someone believes a child is in danger and needs help. The Juvenile Court system can be challenging to navigate and our attorneys are very familiar with this system. We can assist if you are involved in a matter with DCS in Juvenile court. Most specifically, it is important you know your rights. Therefore, you should know who to talk to during an investigation because custody of your child / children is in jeopardy during these proceedings.

If you are someone trying to protect a child, you need to know your legal options. If you are not a legal or biological parent we can offer the best possible help to protect the child. Without doubt, we believe children are our most precious gifts. Thus, Juvenile Courts are set up to protect children and our attorneys take pride in helping with juvenile matters.

Should you have any questions, contact Kane & Crowell at (615) 784-4800.  With six full-time attorneys five paralegals and other support staff, there is always someone available to speak with you.