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Uncontested vs Contested Divorces

There are 2 types of divorces in Tennessee.

With uncontested divorces, you will meet with us and advise how you want the divorce settled. You don’t need to pay the additional expense of a mediator.

We negotiate for you and advise what is a fair settlement under Tennessee law. We will prepare all your legal divorce paperwork, including dividing your marital assets, debts, custody, child support, and prepare any Quitclaim Deeds that are necessary. These are usually handled with a short court appearance with you and your attorney.

You and your spouse must be in agreement though (or at least reasonable) so we can help you formulate a fair settlement.

If you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement on divorcing, then you will have a contested divorce. That means, at least at first, the matter may end up in court. Sometimes, your spouse just needs one or two court appearances before they realize they should have settled.

If you don’t know where your spouse is and want a divorce, there are legal methods to achieve the divorce very quickly as well. We call these default divorces. These are usually handled without court appearance. But for about 40% of couples, trial is necessary to finalize the terms of the divorce.

A contested divorce takes more time and can cost more. However, our goal is to get you divorced and not spend all your money fighting over minor matters. The main things in divorce are your kids, dividing assets and debts and possibly alimony. Our team of lawyers has been practicing law for more than two decades. We take pride in doing a good job for all our clients.

Below you will find information for those partaking in a contested divorce. Much of what you will find below will not pertain to those of you whose cases we handle as uncontested divorces.