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The Divorce Process

Primary Residential Parent and Parenting Time.

The court can award sole custody or joint custody. Each Judge has their preference and their way in which they usually award visitation and custody.  Disagreements over custody will put you right in the middle of a contested and expensive divorce.

A few years ago, our legislature changed the wording of “custody”, “joint custody” and “visitation”. It is now called Primary Residential Parent and Shared  Parenting and Parenting Time. However, we find most everyone still refers to these matters as custody and visitation.

The legal standard in deciding who will be named Primary Residential Parent is what is in the best interest of the children.

After determining who will be the Primary Residential Parent or if this will be a Shared Parenting arrangement, the court will determine the other party's parenting time or visitation. 

Child Support

Once parenting time is determined, then we turn to the issue of child support. The number of days each parent spends with the child will be used to calculate child support. The court will look at your income and your spouse’s income. They will look at who pays health insurance, extra curricular costs, whether or not you support other children or have other children in your home.