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Do you know what a Living Will is?


If I had to pick one legal document, after a Last Will and Testament, that was of the utmost importance, I would have to pick a Living Will.

A Last Will and Testament is the document we all know about wherein you decide how your assets will be devised upon your passing. A Living Will, on the other hand, is the document that determines how you will live at the end of your life.

Will you be on life support? Will you be given certain nourishment? Will you be given CPR if you already are in your end stages of an illness?

You might think this document is just for you. And yes, with this document you are determining how your end of life stages will be. No one can override these decisions, not your spouse and not your children.

But this document is not just for you, I believe, from personal experience, this document is really for your family. No one wants to have to decide whether their mother or father should live or die. That is a crushing decision for many children to make.

If you have a Living Will, however, then your family does not have to make that decision, In fact, they can’t. You have taken the guilt and stress involved in making such a decision out of their hands and already decided your own fate.

Our office prepares Wills, Living Wills, Medical Directives and Powers of Attorneys often as family packages. When you determine the time is right to have these documents prepared, we can help determine which documents you need and which you may not need,

Document is for your family, What is a Living Will?, Will you be on life support?

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