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My legal assistant and I were recently discussing what questions clients and prospective clients ask her about meeting with myself and other attorneys here.  As a result of our conversation, we came up with following tips for clients when meeting with their attorneys. 

Write down questions and concerns beforehand

What do you actually want to accomplish through your attorney? You should have a basic idea of what outcome you are hoping for. This helps me, as an attorney, to know what objectives I’m working towards and tailor my representation to achieve your goals.  As an attorney, I’m here to help you BUT you, as the client, are my customer and I seek to achieve your objectives on your behalf. 

Try to relax

Easier said than done, right? I understand whatever situation you may be in can be very stressful and upsetting. However, being able to speak clearly and calmly greatly helps us to understand the facts of your case.  Family law and criminal defense are possibly the two most emotional areas of the law, and I completely understand the stress and emotions one may experience.  In my 20+ years practicing law, I’ve seen clients cry in my office and get upset, and it’s perfectly fine.     

Make sure you tell me EVERTHING relevant to your case even if it makes you look bad

As an attorney, I have to know EVERYTHING in order to represent a client the best I can.  A crucial part of the attorney-client relationship is candor between the parties.  If you leave information out when discussing your case, especially if it’s on purpose, then this information could come out in the courtroom in front of the judge or jury. You do not want this to happen.  This can make both the attorney and the Client look bad and lose credibility.  When you tell me information, even bad information, there are various ways I can attempt to exclude or minimize this information.  

Bring a notebook

The legal process has many steps. It’s easy to get confused when talking about your case and the specific steps that must be taken. Taking notes helps you keep track of those steps, as well as writing down any additional information that I may need from you, for you to provide later. 

Bring any prior paperwork you may have

You should bring in all pertinent paperwork about your case if it’s ongoing.  The legal system operates on deadlines and dates.  I, as an attorney, need to see what has been filed with the court so I know what may have already occurred and what needs to be done going forward. 

I know the legal process can be scary and overwhelming. However, hiring an attorney to help guide you through the process can make it that much easier.  It’s always comforting to have someone on your side and fighting for YOU.  By following these suggestions above, you can have a more productive meeting with your attorney. 

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