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I Think I have an Uncontested Divorce - But Do I Really?

I-Think-I-have-an-Uncontested-Divorce---But-Do-I-Really---Lindsey-Waller-Johnson---Kane--Crowell-PLLC I Think I have an Uncontested Divorce - But Do I Really?

Many people come to our office and believe that their divorce is "uncontested", but what does that really mean?

An uncontested divorce means that both parties agree on each and every aspect of the divorce and are willing to enter into written agreements evidencing such.  The parties must agree on everything - from division of assets and debts, to regular scheduled parenting time, to who gets the children on Christmas Eve every year - are you splitting the day, or switching up even and odd years? If parties agree on mostly all aspects, but there are certain things that neither party is willing to budge on - the divorce will not be uncontested. 

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Our office handles both uncontested & contested divorces. Uncontested divorces are the most amicable & cost effective way to get divorces.

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